Volunteer Ministers Answer the Call for Victims of Philippines Typhoons

Volunteer Ministers have provided aid after six typhoons in the Philippines since July 2014.

Volunteer Ministers (VMs) embody the true spirit of Scientology. Their help knows no boundaries. When all seems bleak or lost, the VMs rekindle hope, purpose and spiritual values in a sometimes harsh and materialistic world—as most illustrated in times of disaster. Asking and expecting nothing in return except to see people get back on their feet and smile again, the Volunteer Minister program is help in its purest form.

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No Matter How Remote the Challenge, Volunteer Ministers Seize the Day

Volunteer Ministers bring their unique form of help not only in times of natural disasters that devastate whole countries, but also to the challenges experienced in everyday life.

This is where the Volunteer Ministers Goodwill Tours come in—10 across the globe providing training in VM Technology to locations rural, urban and remote. The Volunteer Ministers give community-wide seminars and one-on-one training in how to improve family life, build and maintain relationships, improve workplace interaction, how to learn (Study technology), helping someone get off drugs, communicate better, and many more subjects.

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Volunteer Ministers

People from every country of the world have enrolled on the free online Tools for Life courses for Volunteer Ministers or for anyone who wishes to learn new life skills.

Basics of Organizing Online Course:
“All of a sudden I feel really motivated! It’s something that should be taught in schools to help people get a handle on their lives before it’s too late. By comparing your life to the organising board it is easy to see the areas that you are succeeding in or failing at and then quickly put in the necessary steps and actions to remedy it…. I have a tremendously complicated and busy life and I’m glad I found the time to complete this so that I can use the data to keep everything in order…. When you are just stumbling through life and struggling to get things done efficiently and on time it makes you feel cloudy and confused, a sort of fogginess that doesn’t lift…until you stabilize it all by ORGANISING!” —K.F., United Kingdom

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The motto of the Volunteer Ministers is Something Can Be Done About It, and that means whenever, wherever, in any part of the globe.

Vanuatu VMs assisted over 10,000 people after a cyclone hit these small South Pacific islands.
Brazil The Amazon Extreme Pioneer Goodwill Tour has reached over 30,000 people with seminars.
Nepal Within the first month of two devastating earthquakes and aftershocks, the VMs helped some 134,000 people.

Across the Globe

The Volunteer Ministers currently operate six Pioneer Goodwill Tours that visit remote locations in Central America, Southern Africa, the South Pacific, Russia and elsewhere.


To contact a Volunteer Minister for one-on-one assistance, to schedule an on-site seminar, to view chapters of the Tools for Life film or sign up for an online course, visit In addition to online and on-site training, anyone with a desire to help others, no matter their creed or faith, may enroll at any Church of Scientology for training as a Volunteer Minister.

Free Online Courses

Helping in Times of Need

The Volunteer Ministers are available on call at any time of natural or man-made disaster to help those in need. Donations help support the transport of these VMs across the world and the supply of basic resources vital to life for the victims of disasters such as food, water, tents and medical supplies.